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    -- ~: GENERAL FORUM RULES :~ --

    These rules must be followed. Any individual or persons who do not abide to them will be punished and may gain a permanent ban. So, we shall get them over and done with to live in a peaceful forum community - at least I hope we do.

    1. Don't SPAM (Silly Pointless Annoying Messages) - I'm too lazy to care about this really, that's why you'll gain an instant ban if you choose do so. There is a reason why I have distributed a thread just waiting for SPAM - so if need be that you really have the urge to blatantly post useless messages, then go there.
    2. Don't mini-mod. The moderators are there for a reason - they have earned their position and only a few so far has done that. Once this community had grown further to about thirty or so members, I will appoint more moderators whom I feel have gained my trust. If there is a need to report a member for vulgar behavior, press the little report button or PM a member of the forum staff.
    3. No bashing or flaming. Simple - goes to show how much of a sad, stupid, annoying piece of crap you are.
    4. Please use Legible Language. What is that? Well, it's not "takin' leik dis u n00bs!111!!" This will gain a temporary ban.
    5. Have fun. No ties on this one folks. xP
    Now I know these rules are shorter than the ones relating to the sub categories of the forum, cause I wanted to sum it down to the most important rules for the general forum itself. The other rule threads are longer as they consist of rundowns of each sub category. Now, with that done and dusted, I will bid my farewell.

    Sayonara, Keep Smiling! Very Happy

    -- ~: THE OTHER RULES :~ --

    --: The FanFiction Rules :--

    More Forum Rules will be situated soon. Be patient - I have a life too you know. Thankyou.


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