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    Post by Cheese on Fri Aug 01, 2008 1:25 am

    Copied from No-Theme Park:

    (This is fresh out my head, and my first
    fanfic, so please expect some sort of bad fan fiction, plus I wrote
    this at midnight, so expect some sort of grammatical error. It also
    might just be a one-shot, but if it’s good, I’ll continue writing.)

    Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and was created by Satoshi Tajiri, and all
    copyrights of Pokemon belong to them. Do not think that I created any
    form of Pokemon, so yeah, here goes nothing.]]

    Background Information:

    Rynvats was a thin, young boy, with a pale complexion. He lived in
    Kanto, in the city of Vermillion. Jun never seemed to get along with
    anyone he knew, and the only people he could relate to were his Pokemon
    and his family.


    Chapter One: “I Don’t Want To Talk About It”

    he stares out his window during a warm, breezy Monday evening, he just
    noticed something about the death of his beloved Charmeleon. The fond
    memories of how they used to play together, how they used to just relax
    by the nearby oak tree, and how her tail used to curl whenever she was
    happy just tore him all apart. They were not just owner and Pokemon,
    they were best friends. But the child wished that all the memories
    would come back, that his Charmy would just come back.

    he knew that it would never happen; he could never have another Pokemon
    as good as her. His warm, comfortable bed beckoned him to sleep, but
    the nostalgia of playing with his Charmy kept him up.

    “Jun, come down here!” his mother shouted.

    “Okay!” he shouted back.

    rushed down the stairs, wondering what his mother was shouting about.
    He came down as quickly as he could, and his mother was sitting on the
    couch with someone unfamiliar. As he came closer to his mother, he
    immediately realized who it was. It was Prof. Oak!

    His mother talked to him gently, “Jun, come. Professor Oak wants to talk to you.”

    Professor Oak immediately stood up. “Jun, your mother told me all about your situation about your deceased Charmele--”

    He quickly interrupted, “I-I don’t want to talk about it!” and ran back up to his room, sobbing as he ran.

    “Honey, but wait,” his mother exclaimed. “Professor Oak here wants to take us to Pallet Town, so you can get a new Pokemon!”

    sobbing face immediately lightened up, but he still seemed a bit
    depressed. "Mom, I don't know if I can ever get through the loss of
    Charmy," he explained.

    "But, Jun, honey, don't you want to have another Pokemon to make friends with?"

    ran up to his room, looking depressed, still being crimson-red. But in
    his mind, he was filled with glee, thinking of many things: what
    Pokemon he should get, and so on and so forth. Though the loss of her
    Pokemon hurt him still, he felt happier that his caring mother loved
    him enough to ask the most famous professor in all of Kanto if he can
    come to the small Pallet Town and get a new Pokemon.

    He came
    up to his room, and was ready to come to his warm bed. He lied down
    under his Meowth sheets and thought about what Pokemon he should get,
    what he will do with his Pokemon. He quickly fell asleep.


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