The Lives of Peter and Maya


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    The Lives of Peter and Maya Empty The Lives of Peter and Maya

    Post by DemonPuppy12 on Tue May 13, 2008 10:34 pm

    This was an idea I got from Japanese anime when I felt stoned.XP The character are based on me, AAA, and my friend. As Ir will say," We'll rock your face!!!"

    Rating: PG-13: Drug Use, Sexual Content, Romance, Mystery, Comedy, Blood and Gore
    Chapter 1: The Wasted Vampires

    ......I slowly opened my eyes slowly and looked around. I saw that the room I was in was a total wreck. Damn, I was totally wasted last night.... I thought. Well hey, that was just me. I saw my roommate, Maya "Lover" Muchina, on the couch. She had brown hair, caramel skin, lovely brown eyes, and the body of a super model. I had a crush on her when I was 6, and still do. She is 15, a year older then me.

    My best friend and other roommate, Frank "Russinator" Russo, was unconscious on the steps. He had brown eyes, long black hair, and was a 14 year-old total junkie. "Maya....wake up....", I said and struggled to get up. "Oh, hey Pete. Good morning.", Maya said opening her eyes. She stretched and got off the couch to help me up. "Thanks.", I muttered smiling. I slowly walked over to Frank and kicked him. He muttered," 10 more minutes...." I kicked him harder and he said," I'm up, I'm up...." He got up, walked over to the fish tank, opened his zipper, and started to urinate on the water.

    "I'm not taking care of that.", Maya said. She ran up the stairs to her room to change. I took off my white t-shirt and put on a Megadeth shirt I hid in a cabinet. I was a 14 year-old junkie. I had long brown hair, honey brown eyes, pale skin, and fangs so long they are always showing. My name is Peter "Wild Child" Perez, the best vampire that can find and get blood easily. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a Gatorade, and drank it. My jeans were still okay from whatever happened last night.

    I put my hair into a ponytail as Maya came downstairs. She was in a Hello Kitty tank top, thrashy jeans, and wore the skull earrings I got on her birthday. "Do you remember what happen last night?", she asked while grabbing a bagel. "Nope.", I muttered. Frank came in wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, yelling," Wildchild you ate all my weed during the party last night!!"

    "There's the answer.", I said ignoring Frank's anger. He just jumped onto the couch, yelling on a pillow. "So that's it. New question-What are we doing today?", Maya asked eating the bagel. "I'm not going to be home. Medical school stuff.", I said frowning. I grabbed my bag and got ready. "Oh. Well I'll see you later.", Maya said frowning. She gave me a hug goodbye and I left the house.

    After I left, Frank said," Dude, I wished I had a bagel right now." "There are some in the kitchen.", Maya said. "Dude, wish come true!", Frank said smiling. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed one.

    I was sitting in my desk seeing everything that was going on. I was always bored hearing this and doing school, but Maya works at Burger King and wants another way to get cash. I'm upset about that because she is a vegetarian and I know it sucks. I deal with this, 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. Time flew and the class was over. Dinner time, baby!, I thought, looking my a girl to bite.

    One was walking down an alley. Perfect..... I walked slowly behind her, and every time she turned around I hid behind garbage cans. After a while, I grabbed her and put her against a wall. She screamed trying to get away. "Relax, I'm a pro.", I said. I sank my fangs into her, and fainted. I placed my hand on her after I was finished feeding. It glowed, making her forget everything that just happened. I sat her against the wall and walked home.

    I opened the door, but there was no welcome. I didn't see Maya or Frank nowhere. I saw a note on the table and picked it up. It said:
    Dear Peter,

    Me and Frank will be home later. I'm working late again tonight and Frank gots a poker game to do.


    I frowned and fell onto the couch. Great.....No Maya or Frank..., I thought miserably.

    Chapter 2: Peter's Birthday

    Maya and Frank got home at 10 o'clock. I was already asleep from waiting. Maya smiled and pat the top of my head. Frank rolled his eyes and walked down into the basement where his bed was.

    I woke up and scratched the back of his head. I noticed Maya was sleeping next to me on the couch, so I blushed. I walked into the kitchen and ate a sandwich. It was my day off from the medical school, so I went to my room and watched some television. Frank woke up and checked the calendar. "Holy crap! It's Peter's Birthday!", he said. He ran up into the living room and shook Maya. "It's Peter's Birthday!!", he yelled frantically. "Oh my God-We didn't get him any gifts!", Maya said.

    Frank ran off to the mall, even thought he was still in his pajamas. Maya set up decorations and invited close friends. Frank came half an hour later and said," Wrap this stuff!" He had some blood on his mouth, meaning he also got some breakfast. Maya laughed and wrapped the gifts.


    I was tired hanging around upstairs in my room. I changed into fresh clothes as I heard Tie My Rope by Children of Bodom. Damn! Frank stole my CDs again!, I thought angrily. I ran downstairs, as Maya, Frank, and some of our friends jumped out yelling," Surprise!"
    I smiled as Frank came up to me saying," Happy Birthday, asshole!" We high fived as Maya said," Come on! Lets go dance!" She pulled me onto the rug where everyone was. The girl of my dreams dancing with me.....Oh my God...., I thought happily as we danced.

    Donald, Connor, and Tyler said Happy Birthday as Frank was getting out a big cake. "Make a wish!", he said. "I hope this year is kick-ass!", I said as a girl in a bikini popped out of the cake. "DAMN!!!!", all the guys said happily. I laughed as Frank got me a piece of cake. A hour passed and everyone left. It was dark of Frank and Maya gave me my presents. Frank gave me a brown bag. I smiled and said," God Damn, takes Frank!" I took out a hand fill of marijuana. I ate it and Frank said," Like that? It's from fucking Canadians. Best junk."

    "Hell yeah!", I replied. "Happy Birthday.", Maya said, giving me a CD from Megadeth and kissed me on the cheek. As she walked up to bed I blushed and Frank said," HaHa! Love." He went down into the basement as I thought, Best day of my life.

    Next Chapter: Peter's Feelings for Maya and Frank goes to Jail
    Thank you for reading. Please comment or critize.^^
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    The Lives of Peter and Maya Empty Re: The Lives of Peter and Maya

    Post by Mr. Schwibbles on Wed May 28, 2008 12:02 pm

    ohohhhhhh... someone has a c-crrruuussh!

    lol xP

    This is one of the bext fics you've done by far, but I believe you should have posted Vampires down the Street since it is even better.

    Anywho, can't wait for the next chapter.

    Keep Smiling! =D



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