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    Post by Mr. Schwibbles on Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:34 pm

    a/n: Hey guys! I know I’m on hiatus, but this random thought just popped into my head (one of my dreams really) and I just HAD to write it. Don’t ask me how or why I got this idea. Here’s just three simple words for you -

    I. Just. Did.

    Disclaimer: I don’t own YGO, so don’t sue me. If you think I did, then please, get your head checked very soon.

    Note: This will most likely fall under the “shots” category. I don’t have any idea how many chapters it would be, but I know it ill be relatively short, thus why I’m writing it during my hiatus. Oh, and I’m doing it to please you all of course.


    I’m Pregnant! – Prologue

    It’s not everyday that you see people close to you become stripped of their virginity, nor to say that they’re willing to go so far into that stage of a relationship so quickly.

    It is not everyday that you see someone close to you fall completely infatuated with another, and result with an offspring just after their marital stage.

    They say that babies bring families closer together, and for us Kaiba’s, I brushed away the thought for it being a complete pile of – well, since Mokuba’s limiting my swearing - a whole pile of hocus-pocus.

    As soon as my doctor said that certain famous fifteen-letter word “congratulations” - I knew that this was not the case.

    My life would soon be a complete mess for the next few months - at the very least.

    I, Seto Hiroshi Kaiba, was pregnant.


    “Honey... here, you need your liquids,” Kisara, my partner and wife-to-be said. She paused for a moment; I knew she was going to give me a lecture, or a pep talk of some sort. “You know, every good mother needs their rest,” she continued, winking before stifling into her melodic laughter.

    Figures, she stressed the “mother”.

    Easy for her to say; she isn’t the one who’s pregnant.

    I gruffed, trying to get up, but she pushed me back to where I started and passed me a warm cup of milk.

    Do you know how much I loathe pregnancy. You can’t even sit up properly for what god knows matters, and you miss out on your coffee breaks.


    Ugh, I feel like I’m a blooming two-year-old again!

    I thought this whole experimental embryo thing wasn’t serious and that it was simply a test that was never meant to work in the first place.

    I guess everybody is mistaken at times, and so is the all-mighty Seto Kaiba - or former all-mighty Seto Kaiba that is. There is no way in heaven or hell (if the two places exist – note that I’m not very spiritual) that a mother - wait, a father - pregnant father – would be able to manage being a CEO of a multi-national company. Oh well, it’s probably Mokuba’s time to shine now. More so, he is old enough right now...

    Kisara stood there, simply watching my emotions dance wildly on my face. I knew I could maintain a straight face around other people, including my own baby brother Mokuba.

    Alas, when I was near or with her, I felt like I was more vulnerable than she was, and - in her own words – was completely, “transparent”.

    She had the strangest habit of pecking my skin every time that she came near me – and obviously - I let her lips share mine when she did. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how; it’s just, I feel I could do anything with her, especially sensually related behaviour.

    This little “relationship” as most would call it, was what sparked her intention for me to be involved in the... so-called, “test”....


    “Mr. Kaiba, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

    My doctor looked at me as if I was going completely insane. Though, I couldn’t help thinking that I was.

    But no matter; Kisara somehow convinced me to do it either way.

    The doctor continued to stare at me with his “you-are-one-ducking-mad-man” kind of look, and I nodded in response. He slightly inclined his head also, though I think it was to shake his head rather than to nod it.


    After a few months, the ordeal was all over – at least, I thought it was.

    The embryo was soon implanted and I felt on top of the world; I didn’t have to worry about going into that stupid little hospital anymore.

    Alas, does life ever go where you intend it to go?

    Of course, that was a rhetorical question – it never does.

    Every now and again, I would feel nauseous and woozy, wanting to puke in just about anything that came across me under a one-inch radius.

    During one incident, I nearly fired myself for vomiting in my own secretary’s filing cabinet; though that idea would be completely ludicrous as I was the CEO of this company.

    Then again, this whole embryo thing was ludicrous. Ugh, well, don't fondle over what is lost; right?

    It was when it came to the point where I puked in just about everything that I realised something was wrong. Dearly wrong.

    I remember Mokuba laughing his head off once Kisara and I came back from the hospital, the day I had embraced the fact that I was going to be a father.

    Okay, in his mind, it would have been rephrased with "mother" rather than "father" - but I AM NO WOMAN. I AM A MAN WITH A BLOODY EMBRYO IN HIS FUCKING STOMACH.

    God it was good to get that out of my system.

    Ouch! Damn that baby, it’s kicking in my sto - oh god!

    Ohhhh, I think that one landed on the carpet floor next to Kisara. Ahhh... I see that she's cleaning it up like a good woman.

    Oh, wait. I am incorrect.

    It’s actually on my secretary’s desk. Luckily she quit once she found out that I was pregnant. Most of my other colleagues did as well (at first thinking that it was Kisara but then soon after re-informed that she wasn't and I was) - but they’ll come crawling back - I know they will.

    Let’s just say, I planted something they would like very much.

    Very much indeed...


    Haha, not so good just yet. Though, it is the prologue innit? Anyways, sorry it is short, but I actually had fun typing this. lol. xD

    So please R&R and give as much C&C as possible if you must.

    Sayonara, Keep Smiling!

    -: DragonKeeper :-

    Next Chapter: Chapter 1 – Kisara realises Seto has something to hide, but he finds it too embarrassing to tell her. Circumstances change and the plot becomes a WHOLE lot.... bigger.

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    I'm Pregnant! Empty Re: I'm Pregnant!

    Post by JbstormburstADV on Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:17 am

    OK, for a minute, I thought WTF? I shouldn't be seeing this fic here. It's by someone not on this site. (I bet Haruka May knows what I'm talking about) Anyways, good job for your first fic in what you describe as ever. You think you can keep it up, though.

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    I'm Pregnant! Empty Re: I'm Pregnant!

    Post by Mr. Schwibbles on Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:33 am

    Haha, yes I know what you're talking about. lol

    ^.^; I think I should add YGO at the title so more people won't get freaked out in the future. x]

    Additionally, this actually isn't my first fic... I've had more... just... well - let's just say we shouldn't touch that subject, aye? Anyways, thank you and I'll probably get the next chapter done in about a fortnight due to school camp this week.

    Thankyou muchly, Sayonara,


    P.S. I think you should post your fic here hun - it's great! I've had a chance to read it on FF.net, if you've noticed my reviews. ^^


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