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    Post by Aki on Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:55 pm

    Hello all! This is my FMA fanfic, which will be long-term and told in the first-person POV. Every now and then, who is telling the story will change, and who is narrating that specific chapter will be mentioned below the chapter name.

    PG-13 for some mild language, lots of violence, and romance (mostly with OCs, and there isn't much really).

    So without further adeu, here's chapter 1. I apologise for the shortness. At the time of writing, I was in a serious writer's block. X_X.

    Chapter I: Playing With Fire

    Edward Elric

    “Hey Al,” I shouted over the massive transmutation circle we were making, “You finished on your end yet?”

    Al looked up at me, “Yeah,Nee-san.”

    He looked into my topaz-colored eyes, seeking reassurance. I simply nodded, and that was all he needed. We made cuts on our hands so they pulsed out blood, and set them upon the transmutation circle. We began coursing our energy through our bodies and into the circle, mentally praying this will work

    It lit up, and a second later, we found ourselves in front of it. The Gate. I shot a glance at Al. My little brother was shaking like a leaf, his dark eyes wide with pure fear. Not that I can blame him, after what he went through. But he had no need to fear this time...

    I merely squeezed his hand, ”Al, just hold on to my hand, and whatever you do, don’t let go.”

    The doors eerily creaked open, revealing the monsters that lie inside. Another minute we lingered, Al so terrified that I could hear his heartbeat, or perhaps it wasn’t fear at all? Al’s breathing quickened- something was wrong. He collapsed to the ground, gasping for air as If being suffocated. His heartbeat echoed through the chamber, pounding in my head.

    “Al!” I screamed.

    And as I knelt down to aid my suffering brother, it happened. The monsters within the gate grabbed us and began dragging us in. We were in The Gate, being taken to our world. However, at the last second, Al slipped from my grasp, being dragged into the hellish confines of The Gate.

    “Al! No!”

    “Brother!!!” He cried as his body seemed to vanish into blackness.

    Suddenly, I came into contact with something hard, sunlight shining in my face. And I drifted off into unconsciousness...

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