My Week with Drew

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    My Week with Drew Empty My Week with Drew

    Post by Haruka May on Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:19 am

    My Week with Drew

    Authors Note: Well... my other story I accidently posted in the Shippers Community. xD So, here's another CS story. And, FYI, this is like, back when I was horrible at writing. ._.

    May on AIM…

    May: Hi Drew.

    Drew: Hi May, what have you been up to lately?

    May: Nothing much, just chilling and training.

    Drew: Same here, but why are you talking to me?

    May: Cause I can. inserts smiley

    Drew: smirking (A/N: no he did not write that!) Whatever, it has been very boring in LaRousse lately, and the fangirls are worse than ever this year.

    May: Poor Drew, I am sure you must be so sad.

    Drew: Yup, that is why I am going to Littleroot this weekend so I can get away from them.


    Drew: And why is that?

    May: Because I live in that town! And I don’t want you ruining my time at home without Max, Mom, or Dad!

    Drew: Well excuse me; well I got to start packing early flight I got to catch so I guess I will see you soon.

    May: Drew wait! You come back here!

    Drew has signed off 9:45:12

    With May…

    “Grrr, hope Drew doesn’t find out where my house is or I would be done for!” thought May, as she changed into her beautifly PJ’s and got into bed, her dreams filled with a certain green haired coordinator.

    With Drew…

    “I didn’t know May lived in Littleroot, arg! Why can’t I get her out of my mind! Maybe I should go to sleep, yeah, sleep will help.” thought as he took off his shirt and pants and got into bed. (A/N: No not naked! You sick minded people! He had roselia boxers on!)

    A/N: Well, there's the crappy chapter- don't worry it's going through editing.
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    My Week with Drew Empty Re: My Week with Drew

    Post by Mr. Schwibbles on Fri Mar 14, 2008 8:09 am

    Hunni, thanks for posting another fic. x333 And you didn't post in the wrong place, it was my fault for not distributing a Shipping Fics section earlier. Please forgive. xO

    And if you think your writing's crap; it isn't - mine is. Gah, don't even try reading my fics, they're tesh uber... bleh-ness. X.X

    Anyways, thanks for posting and hope you next chapter comes up soon,




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