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    Post by Mr. Schwibbles on Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:04 am

    Well, I've seen these in like tonnes of Fan Fiction Forums, so I decided to make one here. I'm not a real good author, but I do know a little thing or two about writing.

    Here are just little rules that I made up on the spot for you guys to follow.

    1. Always you the correct punctuation, especially you Capitals and full stops.
    2. Try to remember which homonym is which e.g. their and there, you and ewe, etc...
    3. Don't bore your audience with a story that is so obvious. Like say Tai from Digimon wants to play soccer. You can simply write 'Tai is playing soccer.' 'Now he is kicking the ball with his mates.' That, honestly sounds like a piece of Crud, no offense. You need to add your adjectives, pronouns, adverbs etc to spice up your story a bit. Such as, "It's Tai first game today. He layed out his red and white velvet jersey over his studying desk yesterday, ready to go. His mum was busy in the kitchen, preparing for the days lunch and other delicacies....." Ok, that probably wasn't the best example ever, but see the difference when you add that detail.

    Probably not the best help or advice ever, but I made it up on the spot, and it's bloody 7 am ok?

    Hope you guys have something to add to this. Keep Smiling! Very Happy



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