Annoying things that irritate me...


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    Annoying things that irritate me... Empty Annoying things that irritate me...

    Post by GenderDefender on Tue Sep 18, 2007 1:55 pm

    dont u hate it when your trying to sleep and you see one of your toys just watching you...
    and like you just wanna move it but u cant... cause that involves getting up...

    and dont u hate it when somebody just smudges something and like... u just wanna like... fix it but you cant?

    and dont u hate it when theres somebody just in your face and you really just wanna be left alone but you dont wanna say anything...

    and dont you have it when like you buy something from a shop and it costs lots of money... and then you go home and take the sticker off it and you are left with this annoying sticky spot on it? i mean, i like try and make it come off with water or something, but it makes it worse

    and dont you hate it when you think of this really good idea and you decide to tell somebody about it, and then when your supposed to hand it in, you get see that the person u told just came up with the idea that you thought of... but a bit different. And then you say "why did you copy me?" and they go "I didnt copy you..look!" and they point to this measly thing thats different and then they get a better mark

    and dont you hate it how you see somebody make a mistake and when they rub it out, they dont rub it all out fully, and then your like, look at all those smudges! and they're like... it doesnt matter. Then that whole day, you wont stop thinking about it.

    And dont you hate it how u save a seat for one of you friends and somebody sits down there? and your like "im sorry its saved..." and they're like "you cant save seats!" so then you cant. And then like the next day, they save a seat for one of their friends and ur not aloud to sit there!

    xoxo becca

    P.S. AAA this is in the right place, and now im proud! it took me a while... but i did it Very Happy Smile Surprised Razz Razz Wink Exclamation lol! study bounce

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    Annoying things that irritate me... Empty wat i hate xP

    Post by shorty200512 on Mon Nov 26, 2007 1:29 pm

    zomg here is sum things i hate-

    1. when someone sits next to u on the bus when there r TONNES of spare seats..
    2.when i see something in the shop i want but then i know ill get sick of it and it will be a waste of money to buy it but i still want it rofl
    3. when they give u loads of change when u buy something instead of the notes n stuff
    4. when i lose a race on kart rider lol nah im kidding Very Happy
    5. when ive just dwnloaded something and then it turns out ive just capped my internet and then it starts going SUPER SLOW... and i have to wait till it starts a new month till it goes fast..
    6. when i 4got wat i was going to say to someone
    7. when u think u like someone..but then u dont.. and when u do the person doesnt like u
    8. when there is like.. a certain food that just contaminated the food that u like.. and u cant eat it.. or it will taste like the food that u hate... get me?
    9. when u wana watch a show on tv but then u need to wake up early in the morning so u miss the show coz u needed to wake up early.. i really hate that...
    10. when u get put in a class/group that doesnt have ur friends in and ur with the person that u really dispise.. ><
    11. when u have no idea wat to get someone for their birthday or christmas or something
    12. when there is a fly ...when ur trying to sleep.. or if ur trying to concentrate..and it buzzes..and buzzes..AND KEEPS ON BUZZING TILL U CANT STAND IT!...[then u throw a fit lol nah joking]

    ...ill post other ones later..when i know wat they r..

    [[Hina]] x] cheers
    Mr. Schwibbles
    Mr. Schwibbles

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    Annoying things that irritate me... Empty Re: Annoying things that irritate me...

    Post by Mr. Schwibbles on Mon Nov 26, 2007 1:55 pm

    lol jane! You seriously made me ROTF and LMAO! XD Especially with the bee - hate when that happens. It stops when it's like the middle of the night, and finally when it stops and you go to sleep, it starts all over again! @_@;;;;


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    Annoying things that irritate me... Empty Re: Annoying things that irritate me...

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